Today I received the keys to my new home, and, not unsurprisingly, I’m quite happy.

It’s a moderate sized two bedroom standalone unit, located in Dandenong (though quite close to the Yarraman train station). It’s in a relatively quiet area and located off the road (the driveway into the block of 8 units is on a standard house block). It’s was great value (atleast, so far :)) too. I’m really looking forward to moving in out of my tiny rented flat (even if it is much closer to work).

I’m moving some of my junk from Dalyston over the weekend so I’ll grab some pictures then.

On a completly unrelated note… Yesterday, after over 17 ingame days, my Human Mage has hit level 70 and after a quick respec + new belt, now has > 8500 mana and +672 fire damage…. Guess I haven’t really grown up at all :-)