First trip to Kara on the weekend, being mostly a PUG we started off really poorly. We eventually replaced our off tank (who was arms :/) with a well geared (epic) tank which helped substantially. Though, we still only managed to down Huntsman and Maiden of Virtue.

I have most of the standard instances down pretty well (ran SV the other night with a naked healer without any trouble :)). Though without a good group of people, heroics seem really hits and miss (so far, mostly miss) which is a little annoying as the progression seems pretty steep after the standard 5 mans. As I (slowly) improve I’m sure it will get better.

My new progression target is Exalted with Darnassus. Tonight I managed to pick up ~4000 rep simply by doing a few very low level quests, hopefully the next 15,000 well be just as easy :-)