Yep, another WoW post.

  • Karazhan is still at exactly the same place it was last time… That is pretty embarrassing :-)
  • I’ve respec’d yet again. Now 10/48/3 Fire
  • My health and mana are now tiny, at 6463 / 7166 unbuffed
  • Spell damage is now: +885 fire unbuffed (Including Wrath of Spellfire Set bonus)
  • I think most impressively upgrade is my hit: +129 (10.23%) not including the 3% bonus from Elemental Precision :D

Future Upgrades

November 21st Update

I’m not even going to mention Kara today. As good as my current guild is, I’m seriously thinking about moving (but then again, no one really wants a level 70 mage)

  • +915 Fire damage (Unbuffed but with Spellfire Set bonus)
  • 6513 / 7421 Health/Mana
  • 23.38% Fire crit (Unbuffed)
  • 12.13% Spell hit (Before +3% Talent bonus) – For someone who doesn’t actually raid, I think this is a pretty good achievement
  • I spent all my badges on a Carved Witch Doctor’s Stick as Quagmirran’s Eye finally dropped.
  • Still trying to collect badges for the Icon of the Silver Crescent and the Runed Spell-cuffs. Going to be a while though
  • I’m really running out of practicable things to buy/craft (an Epic Flying Mount is completely out of the question) :-(