Can’t have a post about PHP at the top of the page for more that an couple of days. So on with the WoW gloating and moaning.

  • Karazhan — Nothing at all to report. Haven’t run for weeks, no one seems interested (two that were interested left yesterday. Kara group one leader, and Kara group two leader). Would be seriously looking for another guild, but I feel bad now that I have highest guild rank next to the GM
  • 3 more epics since last post
  • Eternium Runed Blade – Highest DPS crafted dagger (168 spell damage)
  • Icon of the Silver Crescent – Finally, took a long time to get all 41 badges
  • Bands of Rarefied Magic – Actually slightly lower damage than the Bracers of Havoc, but much more balanced. Now with a +15 spell damage enchant too

Stats are looking pretty good. Hit is suffering a little though (says someone who can count his Kara raids on one hand :-(

  • Health: 6643
  • Mana: 7616
  • Hit: 10.70% (+3% from Talents)
  • Fire crit: 24.40% (+3% from Molten Armor)
  • Fire damage: 970 (944 excluding Spellfire set bonus)

Overall, very happy with my mage… Just running out of things to aim for, there is one more item I want for badges, but I’m only 5 / 60 so far. I would really like to run Kara on a regular basis with a group of dedicated people, I don’t think it’s possible with this guild, and who on earth wants a Mage for Kara :-(