I’m not allowed to complain about raiding any more.

Went to Zul’Aman a couple of weeks back, after a few tries took down the first boss, and then a couple of tries on the second boss, but things didn’t go so well (I kinda wiped the raid). Also did a Kara run with 7 guildies to one shot everything up to Curator (and then called it without attempting). Was pretty happy then about the guilds progress, alot of it is thanks to a > Kara geared tank who been organizing the guild raids.

This week after a fairly epic Kara run (just over six hours):

  • Attumen the Huntsman & Midnight – 1x attempt
  • Moroes – 2x attempts
  • Maiden of Virtue – 1x attempt
  • Opera Event – Romulo and Julianne – 2x attempts
  • The Curator – 1x attempt
  • Shade of Aran – 1x attempt
  • Prince Malchezaar – 3x attempts
  • Netherspite – 2x attempts, not downed… Yet

Just a little bit of an improvement over last time :-)