After much more fun with General Vezax on 25 this week, I thought I would make a small note about the spec I swapped to for this fight.

The basic spec is 28/43/0 which gives up most of our normal healing tools (no shock, no beacon, no bonus crit from the Retribution tree, etc) for Touched by the Light.

With Touched by the Light, my FoL hits for 6000 and crits for 11,000, which drastically changes the way you can heal. Rather than having to stop casting expensive Holy Lights, you’re able to use FoL almost exclusively and it’s no big deal to over heal a bit.

Update (20090622)

Vezax has finally been killed (WoL). The FoL build does seem pretty good, mana was fine until towards the end, but I object to absorb guessing code not assigning any procs to me :-)