Introduction to Holy Paladin Healing in 3.2 / 3.3


  • Base Holy tree looks something like this talent tree
    • Points in Imp Wis and Bless Hands can be moved about if you’d prefer
  • Then either go 17 points into Prot for Divine Guardian, or 20 points into Ret for Crit + Run Speed


  • Glyph of Holy Light
  • Glyph of Wisdom
  • Glyph of Beacon of Light (My preference)



  • Int > *
  • Use a Insightful Earthsiege Diamond Meta. Always
  • Socket +20 Int in everything, use a single Nightmare Tear (+10 all stats) to activate the meta
  • Haste is a great throughput stat, 500-650 is a nice area to aim for
  • Don’t worry too much about your crit / mp5. Keep them balance, it will come naturally on your gear


  • Assuming a non trivial fight (else do what ever the hell you want, it’s not important)
  • Your job will be to keep the tanks up, and help out on the raid when safe
  • Make sure you can see debuffs. If you use Grid either add the debuffs for each encounter yourself, or install a Grid addon that does it for you
  • Pick the player that will take most damage during the fight, this will normally be the MT
    • Put Beacon on them. Keep it up. Don’t let it drop.
    • Beacon has a 60yard range, use this to your advantage (e.g. If phase 2 of beasts you can spread out more than other healers and still heal both tanks)
    • Note: With Multiple Paladins, if may be wise to split the Beacons depending on the fight. For example:
      • Beasts doesn’t matter, you’ll be healing the two tanks almost all the time (phase 1 + 2)
      • Jaraxxus split between OT and MT (the OT will take similar amounts of damage, that can be more spikey [Asmuing your interupters don’t suck])
      • Twins split, raid healing is very high compared to tank damage
  • Keep JotP up. Always. It’s one GCD every 60s for 15% Haste.
    • Judge Light to pad meters, judge Wisdom to keep hunters from QQ’ing
    • Don’t wait till 5s before refreshing the buff, do it when the tank isn’t taking much damage and the raid is nice and high
    • Judge = Melee attack = Change of Seal of Wisdom proc
  • If you’re Holy/Prot; keep SS up, like judgements, refresh early when it’s safe
  • Spam HL on Target taking damage that you haven’t placed Beacon on (OT, or Raid members)
  • Be Awesome

Dealing with Mana

  • FoL isn’t useless, use it to save mana when you know the there is little damage (First 2-3 impales on beasts). Just don’t let anyone die.
  • Time Divine Plea with natural breaks in the fight (phase change, or little damage) don’t leave it till you’re out of mana
  • Use Divine Illumination early so you can use it several times during en encounter
  • Abuse Seal of Wisdom when it’s safe. e.g.
    • Icehowl, after a stun (make sure you leave melee range before the stun wears off to avoid the knock back)
    • Jarraxus when no adds are up (you need to pay very close attention to what’s going on)
    • Twins, when there aren’t too many orbs about
    • Anub’Arak, on phase change whack the Scarabs and even Anub himself in between Holy Lights