I been wanting to look in the effectiveness of the 20% raid wall granted by Divine Guardian (4th tier talent in a Paladin’s protection tree). To do this I wrote a very simple Python program to read the combat log, detect with DG goes up and then record all the damage that was taken while it was present on a unit, and work out how much was mitigated. Of course, as the script was hacked up, it has all sorts of limitations:

  • Ignores Divine Sacrifice
  • Ignores any other mitigation effects (Talents / Sanc / Inspiration / etc)
  • Ignores overkills
  • Undefined behavior when used by two Paladins

Below is the results for a two nights in ICC 25, while I’m sure it’s not 100% it should be a reasonable ballpark figure.

Fight Damage Mitigated via DG
Gaseous Blight 37057
Gaseous Blight 32664
Ooze Explosion/Melee 39923
Trash before Blood Queen 21145
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 42212
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 54410
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 17679
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 29315
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 32029
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 51281
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 34494
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 14201
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 41417
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 18817
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 35641
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 49571
Blood Queen (Fear/Bloodbolt) 26427
Average 34017