Quickstart guide for setting up a reminder for Tyrande’s Favorite Doll using Power Auras.

  1. Create the first effect to track the mana gained buff. There is no need to adjust any of the aura visuals here as you won’t see this effect.
  2. The effect should be activated by Buff with the name Recaptured Mana, and the tooltip should contain the string 4200
  3. Close the effect window and disable the newly created effect (shift + click). Also made a note of its ID by mousing over it.
  4. Create a second effect. This will track the cooldown on the trinket (1min) as well as reference the first effect.
  5. Chose Action Usable and enter the name Tyrande’s Favorite Doll and finally enter the ID of the first effect into the next textbox (in the example the ID is 9.
  6. Customize the visuals to suite, optionally add a sound effect, and you’re done.