Some more random Fraps footage this time from Guild Wars. Been busy getting points in the Hall of Monuments.

Nothing impressive, but I had never done much end-game content, and maybe it will help save someone else some gold after seeing how easy it is.

I took 6 heros: Three Discordway Necros, Prot Monk, Panic Mesmer and a SoS Ritulist. Ump came with me on his Barrage Ranger, and I had some stupid Ele/R spec (with unspent points…).

The entire run took less than 30 minutes and I’m sure if you had a real build and knew where you were going, it would be very fast.


  • Clear out the spawn area without accepting any quests
  • Take the Clear the Chamber quest from the spawn area and clear out the new mobs
  • Head north/west and take out all the mobs on the way
  • Talk to the Reaper of the Labyrinth and take the quest Restoring Grenth’s Monuments
  • Head south until you reach the Reaper of the Forgotten Vale
  • Clear out any nearby Coldfire Nights to the north
  • Take the quest Wrathful Spirits and kill all the Wrathful Spirits (Making sure not to let the Mayor die)
  • Hand in the quest and capture your spider (remember to flag the Heros well away from you, or they’ll kill the spider as you start to charm it)

Recorded 2011-09-20