Since upgrading my router to a Billion BiPAC 7800N I’ve been having trouble joining a new game in LoL; it sometimes takes up to 3 retries just to get to the loading screen. After connecting all is well but it’s a little annoying having to wait around every game. After doing some searching this seems to be a common problem with this router. Luckily there is a easy fix (even if it makes little sense). In the router configuration under Advanced -> Configuration -> QoS add a new QoS item.

  • Application: LoL
  • Direction: LAN to WAN
  • Protocol: TCP
  • Priority: High
  • Internal Port: 5000 ~ 5500
  • External Port: 5000 ~ 5500 Leave the all the other questions default and click
  • Add

With any luck, LoL will be back to normal.