I’ve start learning about Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA). I’ve only gone out a few times, and while I barely know what I’m doing, it’s been a nice way to spend a few hours outside at night.

I’m using a ASI485MC camera, with an Amazon 70mm doublet refractor, a AZI-Gti Goto Mount, and EQ Adapter (from the Star Adventurer).

Tonight was the first time using the mount in EQ mode and it took a couple of hours to get the process sorted. In the end I managed a 2-minute-of-angle alignment, resulting in tracking, goto, and plate solving all working with zero issues. With luck, next time will be a lot quicker.

While I’m going to claim it’s EAA, and not astrophotography, I still had to process the images a little in Siril. No darks, no flats, under garden lights and a Bortle 7 sky.

Epsilon Carinae

Eta Carinae


I’m pretty sure I’m overexposing everything, but blue channel in-particular is super overexposed and blurry. As I’m using a color camera, I think a IR filter will help… Maybe… Who knows.